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Bermuda Grass  Deep Watering Bermuda grass is often used for golf courses, athletic fields and lawns. Bermuda grass requires little watering due to its drought-tolerant characteristics; therefore, it's easy to over-water, which causes an influx of insects and fungus. Nevertheless, it responds well to water, especially during the dry, hot months of summer. The trick to watering Bermuda grass is to water deeply-about one inch per week-in order to promote deep root growth.
Bermuda grass is relatively low maintenance and ideal for warm climates.

Seasonal Flowers
Flowers are one of the fastest ways to spruce up the appearance of your home.
Mulch Flower Beds
Installing mulch in all flower beds often reduces the frequency of flower bed maintenance. Furthermore, mulch helps retain the moisture needed to maintain healthy shrubs. Note: applying to much mulch around certain flower types may lead to root rot and fungus.  We will be happy to assist you in determining how much mulch is needed to cover your flower beds.

Breakage of Personal Property
Any property that you feel was broken by our crew must be reported immediately to our office. We will not be responsible for any repairs or replacement of property that is done without our knowledge/consent.

Personal Injury
It is imperative that all residents and guests of the property stay indoors while our workers are performing their tasks. If you, your children, or guests are using an area of your yard, you may choose to have the crew finish this area first while you go indoors or you may have them skip that area until the following week. There will be no credit for having them skip a certain area.

No Service/Poor Service
If you feel we have missed your property one week or we have done a poor job, notify our office within 24 hrs of your scheduled job. We will examine the lawn and redo or take the necessary steps to fix the problem.

Sprinkler Systems
For best results, please do not water the night before or morning of the day we are scheduled to service your lawn.

Breakage to Sprinkler Heads
We will gladly repair a sprinkler head that we break with our mowers. We carry spare heads and usually replace heads when they are broken. Sometimes we will unknowingly break a head, especially when the riser sticks in the ‘up’ position and the grass is thick. Please notify us as soon as you notice a broken head, flag it, and we will send somebody out promptly to repair it. We will not be responsible for third party repairs to sprinkler systems without our consent.

Telephone:  469-231-5054

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